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New London Ontario Location

For the past 20 years Interlink has been on the front line of telecommunications. We have stayed current with each new breakthrough in technology to make sure every business we work with had the best product available. Over the years I can proudly say we’ve worked with some great and passionate people. Not only has Interlink provided businesses in Sarnia-Lambton with cutting edge technology, but we have made good friends in the process. This is why we are excited to announce our move to London, Ontario, and the decision to bring the same exceptional products and services to the London area.

Our business telephone systems have always provided great sound with consistent and reliable service. With 20 years of experience in telecommunications we can help you find the system that is right for your office, and integrate it seamlessly. Interlink is the only company in the London Area that offers NEC products, which provide powerful tools to help your business stay ahead. If your systems are acting up, we offer on-site troubleshooting to get you back up to speed as quickly as possible.

Interlink has gained a reputation for its fast and clean installations. Our structured cabling keeps your office free of messy cables, and guarantees that all your cables transfer data at the fastest rate they can. Our testing equipment can identify problem areas in existing networks, so we can replace or repair your network easily and efficiently.

Fiber optics are the backbone of your business, and Interlink promises the fastest data transmission speeds available on the market today. We are the only local fiber optic company certified to install the quality products that bring you the fastest speeds and most reliable service. As a result of our certification we are the only local company that can offer you a full 25 year warranty on all of our fiber optic products, and ensure a long lasting quality system for you and your business.

Having worked with commercial and industrial companies of all shapes and sizes, we have helped a large number of diverse businesses improve the quality of their office. We are happy to be a part of the London community, and are greatly looking forward to helping you take your company to greater heights. Let’s get started!

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NEC InMail Quick Reference Sheet

Get the most out of your NEC InMail System by printing our Quick Reference Sheet.

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Features and Benefits of the NEC UNIVERGE Desktop IP and Digital Terminals

Explore the features and benefits of NEC’s line of UNIVERGE Desktop IP and Digital Phone Terminals. Download the guide.

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Programming the Nortel Norstar

Common Norstar Telephone Features

To Call an Extension:

  1. Lift handset or press an INTERCOM key
  2. 2. Dial the extension number

To Use Voice Call:

  1. Lift handset, press Voice Call key or press the Feature button, then press 66
  2. Dial the extension number
    *If person is on the phone, Voice Call will not work

To Call an Outside Line:

  1. Lift handset or press INTERCOM key
  2. Dial “9” followed by the telephone number
    (Depends on system configuration, may not be applicable.

To Retrieve a Caller Held on Your Phone:

  1. Lift handset
  2. Press the INTERCOM key or line button that has the flashing triangle next to it

To Transfer a Call:

  1. While a caller is on the line, press the softkey under the word TRANSFER in the LCD display or Feature 70
  2. Dial the extension number of the person you are transferring to
  3. You may announce the call at this time by waiting for the called party to answer
    *Press the JOIN softkey to complete the transfer
    *Press the RETRY softkey to enter a different extension
    *Press the CANCEL softkey to return to the caller

To Park A Call (Puts a call on hold so that it can be picked up from any telephone on the system:

  1. While a caller is on the line, press the CALL PARK key or press the Feature button, then 74
  2. Look at the display to see where the call is parked, the display will show a 3 digit park code
  3. Hang up the receiver

To Retrieve a Parked Call:

  1. Lift handset or press the INTERCOM key
  2. Dial the park code (Example 101, 102.

To Page:

  1. Lift handset
  2. Press the PAGE key or press the Feature button, then 611
  3. Make your announcement
  4. Press the release key

To Turn On or Off Do Not Disturb:

  1. Press the DND key or press the Feature button, then 85
  2. To turn it off: Press the DND key or the Feature button, then #85

To Make a Conference Call:

  1. Make or receive the 1st call
  2. Press the Hold key
  3. Place 2nd call
  4. Press the Conference key or press the Feature button, then 3
  5. Press the INTERCOM key next to the held first call

To Pickup a Specific Ringing Extension:

  1. Press the Call Pickup key or press the Feature button, then 76
  2. Dial the extension you want to pick up

To see the Call Duration Timer:

  1. During your call or just after your call
  2. Press the Feature button, then 77
    *This will show you a “static” duration of your call

To Use Last Number Redial:

  1. Press the Last No. Redial key or press the Feature button, then 5
    *This will redial the last number you called

To Check to See What is Programmed On a Particular Button:

  1. Do a “Button Inquiry” by pressing the Feature button, then * 0
  2. Hit the button you want to check and it will show in the display what is programmed there

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