Fiber Optics vs. Copper: Fiber Adoption Rates Rise as Costs Subside

For many years, economics has been a deciding factor when it came to choosing between copper and fiber optic cable for networks both large and small. We currently see this manifested in areas such as telecom, where both fiber and copper networks have been installed based on various economic factors of the day. While both …

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NEC InMail Quick Reference Sheet

Get the most out of your NEC InMail System by printing our Quick Reference Sheet.

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Instructions for using InMail on your NEC Phone System

Need to know how to quickly setup your InMail System?  View our guide for information on how to configure the InMail system on your NEC phone.

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Features and Benefits of the NEC UNIVERGE Desktop IP and Digital Terminals

Explore the features and benefits of NEC’s line of UNIVERGE Desktop IP and Digital Phone Terminals. Download the guide.

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Programming the Nortel Norstar

Common Norstar Telephone Features To Call an Extension: Lift handset or press an INTERCOM key 2. Dial the extension number To Use Voice Call: Lift handset, press Voice Call key or press the Feature button, then press 66 Dial the extension number *If person is on the phone, Voice Call will not work To Call …

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